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FI is the solution to all your coding needs. High tech environment combined with a rustic and homely energy results in a father daughter duo who thrive on reliability and putting skills to the test.

Man with laptop by the river Basket of Apples Windowsill with 3 potted plants infront


Going all the way back to Apple PRODOS and MSDos in 1980, then Windows 3.1, 95, NT, 98, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10 ending with the MacOS variants since 2015 it's safe to say FI has a long running relationship with various operating systems. Operating systems are paired with hardware so it's only fair to talk about FI's history with the original Apple II, IBM PCs (Do you remember Charlie Chaplin?), WANG computers, Macintosh SE to the more recent MacBooks and iMacs. Using as well as evolving with the personal computer timeline gives FI seniority and provides a more diverse perspective on any and all projects worked on.


Performance, stability and security is a key part of coding, this is why FI has chosen an Apple ecosystem. The main development machines are a 27" iMac and 15" MacBook Pro to combine power with beautiful displays for maximum efficiency in all interface development environments and maximum detail in designs. The Apple network's constant safety ensures daily backups so no data will be lost at any point in the process, it also allows Airdrop for quick sharing of data between those connected which allows more focus on the task at hand. The fleet of iPhones fit perfectly into the network and the range makes it easy to test applications guaranteeing compatibility on multiple devices.


Based in the United States of America FI's hosting infrastructures is a combination of performance, stability and security, as previously mentioned this is key in development. The core of all FI online applications rely on Windows, IIS and SQL servers that is backed up everyday reassuring the integrity of all data. Especially these days server uptime is one of the most important things about hosting. Server uptime is a time during which a server is operational and usually measured in percentage. The Uptime of FI is, as it should be, extremely close to 100% which ensures permanent online presence for clients.